Mountain Personality

One of the best things about experiencing all of the glory that nature has to offer is how you can make it such a personal experience.

Everyone, I mean everyone, has their thing; the specific aspect of nature that makes them just stop and stare. Even if you’re a city-dweller, even if you think you don’t care for the outdoors, there is something out there that will settle itself around your shoulders and reign you in. I guarantee it. Maybe you haven’t found it yet, but it’s out there, and it’s waiting for you to discover it.

For me, it’s the grand, sweeping vistas of granite mountaintops kissing the sky. When the snow-capped peaks create a horizon that is within my very reach, an awesome grounding takes place deep inside. It resonates like a bell, and I can’t sit and stare in awe at them enough.





For Josh, it’s the sheer canyon walls that hold any number of pristine splitter cracks for climbing. It can be the desert sandstone, it can be the limestone buttresses, it can be the granite peaks of the Rockies, they all have the same appeal.






But for Sierra, it’s waterfalls. Something about waterfalls makes her just pause and be still for even a moment. There is something about the water crashing down a hillside and pooling below that makes her have THAT moment.




What is your thing? If you don’t know, you should find it. You’ll know when you do. Despite all human intentions to move, and think, and do, there’s always something that makes us shut down for a minute and just be. Sometimes, you just have to crane your neck to see it. Sometimes you just have to stare with your mouth open in awe. Sometimes, you just have to feel the spray hit your face.


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  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful places! Thanks for sharing


  2. twobrownfeet says:

    Such a wonderful post. Basil (my hubby and travel partner) loves mountains and plunging valleys. I’m terrified of heights, and the mountains haven’t always been my first choice. At a vantage point, with something to hold onto, I can truly enjoy the view. I love the way the snow settles on the peaks of the mountains and clouds gently kiss them. I find the sea equally soothing. Glad to have found your blog!
    cheers, Cheryl


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