Super Genes

Genetics are crazy.

Lots of folks we know are having babies right now, and I love to see the pictures of their little nuggets. I like to see specific features that tie back to their parents.

I look like Daddy Badger. I always have, and I always will. I look so much like my dad that, even as a child, people who knew him could see him in my face and would ask if we were related. If we were together, side-by-side, there was never any doubt, and there still isn’t. We like to tease people with it. When my parents were visiting in January, whenever I introduced my dad to someone they would just get stuck looking back and forth at the uncanny similarities between my dad and I, and I would say, “Yeah, I really take after my mom.” just to watch the confusion on their faces as they tried to figure that out.


The genes that my dad and I share are strong. All of my dad’s siblings look alike. All of my cousins look alike. Even the kids of my cousins look alike. We all have dark skin, big dark eyes, dark hair, strong jawlines, the same face shape, and great big smiles. All of us. We all look the same. It doesn’t matter what the spouse looks like at all. If our family bloodline is present, the offspring are going to look like the rest of us. It’s bizarre.

Except…for Sierra.

There’s not much of our family resemblance in my daughter. There are specific traits that I can tie back to my mom, but not much that I can tie back to me or my dad, which is really strange to me. I mean, we’re talking about generations of kids that look alike, and all of a sudden BOOM! No dark hair, no dark skin, nothing. I mean, Sierra has stunning green eyes and blonde hair. What?! How can this be?


When Sierra was born, I was kind of confused by it. I mean, I expected a kid that looked like me. After seeing my face reflected in the faces of my dad, my aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, etc. for my entire life, I just assumed that she would look like me. A lot like me.


Sierra looked nothing like me. Still doesn’t, in fact.

Some people say they see parts of me in her face. Some people say they see both Josh and I in Sierra’s face. No. They are either lying, or they just don’t know what they’re talking about.

Sierra looks like her papa. She always has and she always will.

Check this out.

This is Josh at a week old (top) and Sierra at a week old (bottom):


Even their hairlines are the same. As she gets older, I see more and more of Josh in her behavior, and certainly in her physique and Energizer Bunny-like ability to just keep going. So, how much of me do you see there? Eh? Yeah, none. Apparently, Josh has stronger genes than I could have imagined…I mean, they beat out a pretty strong genetic code, so they must be good.

Like Super-Genes.

Yeah, I like that. That seems to fit just fine.

What do you think?

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